Pro Shop

The Tennis Pro Shop offers a variety of tennis related equipment such as balls, grips, string, and rackets. Re-stringing and racket repair is also available. Please stop by the front desk or contact the Tennis Director for more information.

Racket Stringing Rates

String Name Type Color Cost
Synthetic Gut Comfort Natural $23.00
Shock Shield Comfort/Durability Blue $23.00
N. Vy Comfort/Durability Light Blue $25.00
Hurricane Feel Comfort/Durability Clear $29.00
Addiction Comfort/Durability Clear $29.00
Optimus Comfort Clear $30.00
RPM Team Control/Spin Black $33.00
NXT 16 Comfort Clear $35.00
XCEL Control/Spin Blue $36.00
Luxilon Control/Spin Yellow $40.00

  • All rackets will be completed within 48 hours
  • A $5.00 surcharge will be added to all restringing rates for non-DFC members

Pro Shop Items for Sale

Item Cost
Emotisorb $3.50
Band-It Armbands $24.00
Pro Feel Plus Dampener $3.50
Rosin Bags $3.50
Racket Head Tape $5.00
Replacement Grip $10.00
Overgrip $6.00
Tennis Balls $3.50
Wristbands $3.00