Racquet Court Policies

The Duke Faculty Club is dedicated to protecting the health and safety of all of its patrons. In that spirit, the following rules and court etiquette apply to our racquet facilities:

Court Rules and Etiquette

  • All courts are reserved through the DFC online reservation system, or by calling the DFC office. Reservations take precedence over walk-ons.
  • Courts can be reserved for up to two hours.
  • All courts are for tennis or pickleball only. Bicycles, skateboards, soccer balls, lacrosse, rollerblades, and pets are not permitted on the courts.
  • Tennis shoes with non-marking soles are required at all times.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct and profanity will not be tolerated.
  • Access your reserved court through the nearest gate. If you must cross a court, please wait until there is a break in play and ask if you can enter.
  • Properly dispose of all trash before you leave the court.
  • Used tennis balls can be recycled at the DFC office.
  • Kindly sweep and line your court after play (clay courts).
  • While waiting for the pickleball courts, please stand outside the fence area; do not stand in the area between the pickleball courts and tennis court #9. Hang gear on the fence outside the courts; do not place on the benches.
  • If tennis players are on Court #9 using the ball machine or playing a match, please be considerate and do not cross through the court.
  • If a pickleball rolls onto a tennis court but is not a hazard, DO NOT follow it onto the tennis court. Wait until there is a break in their play and say “Ball Please.”
  • If a tennis ball rolls onto your court, return it after tennis play has stopped.

Ball Machine Rules

The DFC has a ball machine available to members at no cost. The following guidelines apply for ball machine access:

  • You must be 16 years old or supervised by an adult approved to use the ball machine. (An adult is defined as someone over 18 years of age or older).
  • There is no charge to reserve the ball machine.
  • The ball machine can be reserved for a maximum period of one hour.
  • The ball machine must be put away and returned to the shed by the end of the scheduled time; all the tennis balls should be picked up; key should be returned to the office.
  • Ball machine use takes precedence over social play if there are other courts available.
  • Please do not take balls from the shed to use on other courts.