The Duke Faculty Club is dedicated to protecting the health and safety of all of its patrons. In that spirit, the following rules apply to our aquatics facilities:

Inclement Weather Policy

  • Rain: the pools will remain open in rain unless it rains hard enough that the guards cannot see the bottom.
  • Thunder and Lightning: The pool will close and the deck will be cleared immediately in the case of thunder and lightning and will reopen at the discretion of the DFC staff. (National Safety Lightning Institute and the American Red Cross recommend a 30 minute wait before returning to the pool).
  • Facility closures will be posted on the DFC_Alerts X (Twitter) feed.

Pool Rules

  • Only patrons that are 18 years or older may enter the Lap Pool area.
  • Children under 13 must have adult supervision while at the Main Pool.
  • Food and drink are allowed on the pool deck, however, you cannot bring it into the water and it must be kept more than five feet from the pool edge.
  • No diving in the Lap Pools, the Wading Pool, or any area of the Main Pool outside of the designated diving board area.
  • Only US Coast Guard approved personal flotation devices may be used in the pool.
  • Animals or pets are not permitted in the pool or on the deck.
  • No persons with open sores or wounds, infections, diarrhea, fever, or any other communicable disease allowed in the pool.
  • No glass of any sort allowed in pool or on the deck.
  • For safety, diaper age children must wear swim diapers and plastic plants.
  • Mermaid tails, mono-fins and pool noodles are not allowed at any DFC pool.
  • Emergency phone is located on the patio.
  • Running, dunking, fighting, or rough play is prohibited.
  • No extended underwater breath-hold swimming or hyperventilating before underwater swimming.
  • Toys may be used in the main pool (beach balls, diving rings, squishy balls, etc.) but must be kept in the pool and under control. It is the lifeguards' discretion as to whether it is safe to use toys.
  • The Wading Pool is for children up to 5 years old. All children using the wading pool by be accompanied and actively supervised by an adult.
  • Management reserves the right to deny use of pool to anyone at any time.

Diving Board Rules

  • One diver on the board at a time.
  • No goggles, masks, toys, or flotation devices, including life vests, allowed while diving.
  • High dive - the next diver in line must wait on the wooden platform until the person ahead has left the board.
  • Divers must quickly swim to the nearest ladder after entering the water.
  • Dives must go straight out, no diving from the side of the board.
  • No handstands, cartwheels, sitting on, or hanging from the boards.
  • Only one bounce allowed.
  • No diving from the wall, swimming, playing, or floating in the deep end when the diving boards are being used.
  • Lifeguards may restrict certain dives based on safety concerns.

Slide Rules

  • One rider at a time.
  • The next rider must wait at the bottom of the steps until the platform is clear.
  • No masks, toys, or flotation devices, including life vests, allowed on the slide.
  • Make sure the plunge area is clear.
  • Slide feet first in a sitting position or on the back only.
  • Do not attempt to stop on the slide.
  • Leave the plunge area immediately after entering the water.

Swim Diaper Reminders

  • All youth who are still in the process of being potty trained must wear swim diapers under their bathing suits. Health department regulations require that the pool be closed when a fecal accident occurs. Depending on the type of accident this closing could range from one hour to 24 hours. Your cooperation is appreciated. Swim Diapers can be purchased in the Snack Bar.