Group Lessons

The DFC Group Swim Lesson program offers DFC Members small classes, advancement opportunities, and professional, energetic instructors that make swimming fun and successful!

Our classes range from beginner lessons with no water experience required to advanced lessons that focus on conditioning and refining skills. Each level teaches specific skills that build on each other, helping your child learn the foundation for safe and competent swimming.

Our group swim lessons offer a low swimmer to instructor ratio to ensure your swimmer will have effective and efficient instruction. Classes are generally offered in the morning prior to the pool opening and in the evenings prior to swim team practice. 

Group lessons will run from June 12 - August 10. 

Cancellation policy: All cancellations/transfers must be emailed to by end of day the Friday before the registered session to receive a full refund. Any cancellation after this point will not receive a refund.

Group Levels

Level 1: Swimmer is new to the water or not comfortable in the water. Needs to work on putting head underwater, breath control, bobbing, front float and back float.

Level 2: Swimmer can float on front and back for 10 seconds unassisted. Swimmer will learn how to travel on their front and back by kicking their feet and being learning to take breaths as they swim (pre-freestyle skills).

Level 3: Swimmer can travel 15 feet or more using informal technique (kicking feet on front or back). Swimmer will learn proper freestyle technique, side breathing, and an introduction to backstroke.

Level 4: Swimmer can travel unassisted using proper freestyle form and side breathing. swimmer will work on refining backstroke technique, and learn introductory diving and deep water skills.

Level 5: Swimmer can travel effectively using freestyle with side breathing and backstroke with proper technique. Swimmer will begin working on more advanced competitive strokes, diving, and increasing endurance and stamina.

Private Lessons

We also offer 30 minute one-on-one private lessons during the summer for DFC Members only. Private lessons will begin May 25. Please register here for private swim lessons.

24-hour cancellation policy: If you do not cancel your private swim lesson 24 hours in advance, the charge will not be taken off your account.

Private Levels

Level 1: Child can stand in water, but cannot submerge – work on bobbing, mouth breathing, and breath holding.

Level 2: Child can stand in water comfortably, can submerge, but cannot float on front or back.

Level 3: Child can float on front and back, but cannot propel self through water with arms and legs.  Work on coordination of arm and leg movements with rhythmic breathing.

Level 4: Further work on coordination of stroke and kick, diving and treading water.


Group Swim Lessons

Private Swim Lessons