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DFC Fall Group Fitness Schedule

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Class Desciptions

Cardio (+)

Burn & Build - 45-minute class that alternates intervals of cardio and strength training in choreographed routines set to the strong beats of hip-hop, electronic, and rock music. The movements and music are designed to lift your spirits while pushing your limits. All students welcome; intensity levels and movements can be modified.

Power Lunch - This lunch time class will vary each meeting, but will always include heart pumping cardio, strength and conditioning activities, in a condensed 45 minute format. Beginners are welcome.

Strength, Toning, & Core (+)

Ball Pilates - Lengthen and strengthen your body using core muscle groups through a series of non-impact exercises designed to focus on deep muscles of the abdominals, back, hips, and glutes. Benefits of Pilates include better posture, injury prevention, increased strength and flexibility. Beginners are welcome.

Circuit Training - This class will take you through an effective full body workout while learning proper form and new exercises. Develop muscle tone and strength while enjoying a group training format.

Kick & Core - A fusion of kickboxing and cardio designed to improve your endurance while strengthening your core.

Pilates II - A traditional Pilates mat class that utilizes the magic circle and stability ball, this class will increase the challenge of your Pilates workout. All levels welcome, but pace and intensity is challenging.

Pi-Yo - This class is set to upbeat music and is designed to effectively strengthen and tone the entire body. Each song focuses on a different muscle group, and you will be sure to get in a challenging workout in the 45 minute class.

Total Body Conditioning - This class will provide different total body exercises, heart pumping cardio and strength and conditioning activities. Interval style formats will be utilized to keep you moving. Beginners are welcome.

TRX Circuit - TRX (Total Body Resistance) is a body weight exercise program that develops strength, balance, flexibility, and core muscles. This class will incorporate the TRX suspension trainers into a challenging circuit style workout. All levels are welcome.

Mind & Body (+)

Yoga - This class is a dynamic guided series of yoga postures designed to keep you balanced, strong, flexible and calm. As a participant, you will experience an energetic yet very doable approach to yoga practice that will rejuvenate and detoxify your system. All levels are welcome and encouraged.

Yoga Express - A condensed, 45 minute program of varied yoga sequences. All levels are welcome and encouraged..

Yoga for Runners - Yoga is a great complimentary workout for any athlete. This class incorporates body weight exercises that increase overall strength and flexibility while focusing on alignment.

Yoga + Core - This combination of yoga and core focused moves creates a full body challenge. Flow through sequences that build strength, flexibility, mindfulness, and balance all in one exciting workout. All levels welcome.