Group Exercise Classes

The DFC offers a wide variety of weekly group fitness classes for all skill levels and abilities, including TRX, Pilates, Strength & Circuit Training, various Yoga classes, and more. Classes generally run on a semester schedule (spring, summer, and fall).

Please refer to the Group Exercise & Wellness Calendar for the most current schedule. Register for all classes on Court Reserve to reserve your spot in class.

2024 Fitness Class Rates

  • Unlimited class pass: $120 for six-week session.
    • Pass is good for single person use only
    • Pass is good from April 28 - June 8
    • Pass must be purchased by Friday, May 10
  • Drop-in fee: $8.00 per class ($13.00 for guest)
Spring Session 2 2024 group schedule

Fitness Email Listserv

If you'd like to stay current on Fitness Programming and updates, please subscribe to the DFC Fitness Listserv. Contact Fitness & Wellness Coordinator Lisa Hinkle to join.

Class Descriptions

Aqua Blast - A fun, water workout that includes a warm-up, cardio, muscle strengthening, and cool down using a variety of buoyancy equipment. A great class for all levels, especially those who prefer a low impact workout.

Aqua Dance - Let's have some fun in the water while dancing to some great music!  You'll get a total body workout because the water gives you resistance in all directions and it's gentle on the joints at the same time.  Everyone is welcome, you don't have to be the best dancer in the world just willing to have some fun!

Beginner TRX Circuit - Learn the basic exercises on the TRX suspension system for a great total body workout. Balance and core are involved in every TRX movement.  This circuit class will have you using the TRX for one minute and then a cardio exercise off the TRX for one minute.  This class will also get you prepared for our regular Tuesday TRX Circuit class which involves more combo style moves and exercises on the floor.  

Cardio & Strength - This class will get you moving by alternating bouts of cardiovascular exercise with strength moves. Your cardio may include machines and your strength may include body weight exercises or the use of equipment. This is a great total body workout that will have you feeling refreshed when you are finished.

Cardio Dance - Join us for a fun filled class of moving and grooving to great music!  You’ll be dancing to several styles of music all while smiling, getting your heart rate up, and having a blast.  No dance experience required.  This class is designed for all levels. 

Chair-based Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork - Stretch out tight muscles and relieve aching joints with basic yoga postures that can be performed while sitting in a chair or sitting on a yoga mat.  You'll also explore simple meditation, relaxation, and breathing practices that can help improve concentration and release stress.  Yoga, breathing or meditation exercises presented will include a variety of practice options to foster both relevance to your needs and an inclusive environment.

Core Flow Yoga - This class is designed to keep you moving through yoga postures while also bringing focus to your core. Meditation will be included during class to help calm and bring awareness to yourself and your body. All levels are welcome and encouraged.

Kickboxing & Core - This class involves no bags or gloves, just kickboxing moves for a fun cardio workout. After 30 minutes of kickboxing you'll have 15 minutes of core exercises.  No experience necessary! All levels are welcome!

Pilates - Lengthen and strengthen your body using core muscle groups through mat-based exercises designed to focus on deep muscles of the abdominals, back, hips, and glutes. Benefits of Pilates include better posture, injury prevention, increased strength and flexibility. All exercises are done standing, seated, or laying on a mat. Beginners are welcome.

Pilates with Equipment - This class will incorporate mat-based Pilates exercises with the use of equipment. Each class will be different using a variety of equipment (stability balls, TRX, bands, etc.) to work on your core with every movement! All levels are welcome.

Step & Core - This class involves step benches and mats for a great cardio and muscular strength and endurance workout.  We'll be alternating time on the bench with good old fashioned step aerobics moves with core exercises on the mat.  No experience necessary!  All levels are welcome!

Strength, Barre & Core - This class has three 15-min. segments - strength, barre (ballet-inspired moves), and core.  You will be working total body in this class.  Shoes are recommended for the strength segment but can be taken off for the barre and core segments.  All levels are welcome and encouraged.

Strength Training - A full body workout with emphasis on proper form and breathing. Each class will vary in terms of equipment used such as dumbbells and tubing, as well as body weight exercises. You can expect multiple sets and reps of each exercise in this format.

Total Body Circuits - Join us outdoors on the basketball courts for this fun and ever-changing class! Each circuit will always include upper body, lower body, cardiovascular, balance and core exercises. We’ll keep you motivated the whole time so come ready to move! All levels are welcome. During inclement weather we will move inside to the activities room.

TRX Circuit - Learn to use the TRX suspension system for a great total body workout. Balance and core are involved in every TRX movement. This circuit style class will have you on and off the TRX for various exercises making this a class that will fly by. Beginners are encouraged!

Yoga - This class is a dynamic guided series of yoga postures designed to keep you balanced, strong, flexibly and calm. As a participant, you will experience an energetic yet very doable approach to yoga practice that will rejuvenate and detoxify your system. All levels are welcome and encouraged.

Yoga/Pilates Fusion - This combination class has the best of both worlds - yoga and Pilates. You will continually flow in and out of both practices throughout the class. All levels are welcomed and encouraged to enjoy this balance of strength and flexibility.

Yoga Restore - A practice that is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. You may hardly move at all during this class, completing just a few postures. Props are used extensively to support your body so you can hold poses for longer periods of time.