DFC Membership


The Duke Faculty Club is a private swim, tennis, and fitness facility for all full-time employees of Duke University and the Duke University Health System.

If you're seeking fun and social recreational opportunities for the entire family, then we're the place for you!

Eligibility for Membership

As stated in the Bylaws, persons that meet any of the following requirements are eligible for regular membership:

Membership Categories (+)

Family Membership - Family membership is extended to all individuals who live in the same household as the individual eligible for Duke Faculty Club membership. This includes spouse/spousal equivalent/domestic partner, all children who qualify as IRS dependents, and persons who live in the household for six or more months of the year.

Single Membership - (one person membership) At least one person in the household must be eligible for Duke Faculty Club membership, as defined in the Bylaws; however, any member of the household who is over 18 years of age may be designated the single member.

Visiting Membership - Only those persons with visiting appointments are eligible for a visiting membership at the Duke Faculty Club. These members pay dues in excess of regular membership but there is no new membership fee while maintaining a visiting appointment.

Membership Status (+)

Active - Members whose financial obligations to the DFC have been met are considered active members. This entitles them use of all DFC facilities and to participate in any DFC activities.

Inactive - Members who choose not to pay their annual dues or whose account is past due by 60 days or more are considered inactive members. The Board of Governors may establish an annual charge for maintaining inactive status. Please contact the office for further details.

Sabbatical - Members may choose to move their membership into an inactive status while on sabbatical. Please contact the front office for more information.

Changes in Employment Status

  • Retirement will not change the status of your eligibility. You may continue membership, become inactive, or resign membership.
  • Individuals with active membership who have a change in employment status at Duke University which changes their eligibility for membership may request reclassification as a Provisional Member at the annual renewal period. This will entitle them to the Recreational Privileges but not to the Voting Privileges as outlined in the Bylaws. A Provisional Membership is viable for one membership year, after which the individual must reapply on an annual basis. Please refer to the DFC Bylaws for further details.
  • Please note, no new Provisional applications are being accepted at this time.

Application Process and Cost (+)

If you are interested in joining the DFC and meet the eligibility for membership, please contact the DFC to be placed on the waitlist.

The cost of membership includes a non-refundable new membership fee of $1,000 ($700 for single membership) and annual dues paid in April of each year. Dues are pro-rated for new memberships that begin after September 1.

  • The new membership fee is deferred for both the House Staff/Post Doctorate/Fellow category and Visiting category of membership as long as the eligible member maintains this category of employment.

The dues for April 1, 2019 - March 31, 2020 are:

  • $1140 for Family Membership
  • $805 for Single Membership

  • $150 - One-time Facilities Fee for all new memberships in the 2019/20 membership year


Payment options are available. Please contact the DFC for more information.

Membership Cards (+)

With the new facility, the DFC will be migrating to a scannable membership card that will be required when accessing the club. These cards will be issued to to all eligible active members that are 13 years or older.

Other important details:

  • Children under the age of 13 are not issued a membership card and must be accompanied by an adult when at the club.
  • Cards are only issued to those that constitute "household" in the Membership Categories section of this page. Please contact the office for details on "Nanny" or "Babysitter" cards.
  • If your card is misplaced or stolen, the replacement fee is $5.

Guest Policies (+)

Guests are allowed at the DFC as long as they are signed-in and accompanied by a member. The price is $5.00 for an adult guest and $3.00 for children ages 2 to 12 years old. Please sign your guests in at the check in kiosk.

Groups of 10 guests or more require prior authorization before coming to the club. Please call the office no less than one week before your event.

Long-term guest passes are available for house guests that are staying for less than six months (e.g., grown children, in-laws, grandkids). Please inquire at the front office for more details.