Important Reminders for All Visitors

  • Beginning Wednesday, March 9th, face coverings will be optional for fully vaccinated individuals on DFC's campus. All unvaccinated visitors will be required to continue to wear face coverings in all indoor settings. This includes the clubhouse, fitness room, locker rooms, and Activities Building.

  • All restrooms, locker rooms, and lockers are open and accessible.

  • Check-in by membership card in the breezeway as you enter.

  • All water fountains are turned on.

  • Lastly, we ask that all of our visitors do their part for protecting the collective health of our DFC Community.

    • Self-monitoring your health and staying home if you feel sick or have any symptoms of COVID-19.

    • Washing your hands often! We also recommend you bring your own hand sanitizer and use frequently.


Additional Updates & Policies

  • Lap pool 1 (lanes 1,2,3) is open for drop-in swim on all days. No reservation needed.

    • Common lap pool courtesies apply, such as splitting lanes if there are 2 swimmers and circle swimming if there are 3 or more.

    • Please refer to the sigange inside the lap pools for reference.

  • Lap pool 2 (lanes 4,5,6) has a hybrid of drop-in and reservations.

    • On Weekdays, lane 4 is open for drop-in swim, and lanes 5 and 6 can be reserved through an online reservation system or calling in to the office.

    • On Weekends, lanes 4 and 5 are open for drop-in swim, and lane 6 can be reserved through an online reservation system or calling in to the office.

  • Sunbathing on the deck is allowed.

  • Only members ages 18 and over may access the lap pools. No children allowed past the entry gate.

  • A reminder that the pools close for 30 minutes after each thunder/lightning. Reservations that are interrupted due to weather events will not be extended into the next sign-up.

Beginning March 9th, masks will be optional for vaccinated individuals while utilizing the fitness center and all fitness group classes.

  • No reservations needed to attend the fitness center.

  • Members are responsible for cleaning and disinfecting all equipment they use and touch.

  • Tennis courts and the ball machine must be reserved through our online reservation system or calling in to the office.

  • Tennis ball purchase and racket restringing services are available at the office.

  • The main pool will reopen in May 2022.

  • Please refer to the Club Calendar for a current schedule of Family and Social programs.

  • The playground and basketball courts are open. No reservation needed, but do check in at the breezeway as normal.

  • The patio, knoll, and picnic area are open.

    • The knoll/grill area is available for drop-in use (first-come first-served), or available for reservation. Call the office at least 48 hours prior for a reservation.

  • DFC guests are now allowed in all situations just like normal.

  • Regular Guest Policies apply.